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Veeam Self-Provisioning Tool

Storage guardian is a ConnectWise Invent partner and is certified by Veracode. We provide all the tools you need for hybrid-cloud solutions right inside ConnectWise Manage. Our selection of products includes Veeam B&R, B&R+, MS365, immutable storage, and geo-diverse-low-cost protection for static/archival data. Launch our Veeam workloads directly from ConnectWise Manage into our storage facility in the US, Canada, and UK.

Our portal allows for:

Self-Provision Quota

Storage Guardian gives you the ability to self-provision your quotas; adjust your total consumption on demand and move in small increments to only pay for what you need. View and modify your client’s quota, warning levels, setting and password with ease. No one else offers this level of customization

Self-Provision Veeam License

Leverage our gold member status and self-provision your Veeam license directly inside our portal at $6.3 per license. Bypass the complexity of the point base system and access expedited support as a gold member.

Seamless Integration

No separate tenant console is needed; our portal integrates directly with Veeam and ConnectWise Manage. Your repository will appear in your existing Veeam backup infrastructure, behaves like an on-prem backup and customized to fit your organizational needs

Bird's-Eye View with Monitoring and Alerts

Gain a birds-eye-view of your storage assets. Reconcile rental license per tenant based on your existing Veeam rental agreement. Streamline your storage across multiple Veeam repositories with our local monitoring and alerts dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Self-provision your own quota to save from overspending
  • Self-provision your own license and avoid the complexity of the point system
  • Gold member pricing of $6.3 for Veeam B&R and B&R+ license with expedited support.
  • Immutable storage with Insider Protection
  • Geographically diverse Outsider Protection at low cost.
  • Heightened security via per-tenant hosting and login for Veeam service provider console
  • Easily find alerts and reports at the tip of your finger
  • MSPs work directly with Storage Guardian’s tiered support

Here’s how it works:




Find Storage Guardian on the ConnectWise Marketplace and deploy it directly from your ConnectWise Manage. Rapidly deploy backup and recovery services easily on your clients' networks



Manage customer agreements and track usage directly from ConnectWise. Additionally, allow your end users to manage their backups and recover lost data themselves through our intuitive wizard.


Local Monitoring and Alerts

Storage Guardian proactively monitors your customers’ backup jobs and creates Service Desk tickets that can be managed directly from within ConnectWise. Our service Board tickets "self-heal" and resolve automatically, giving you a clean dashboard that isolates critical issues and reduces the time spent to manually close tickets. Monitor your customers' RTO/RPO easily, and access complete billing data based on your customers' usage.



Upsell your customers to other services from Storage Guardian. Available as white-label.
       ●       Backup replication
       ●       Remote VDR
       ●       Cloud hosting
       ●       Business continuity planning
       ●       Consulting services

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