Balancing Rising Security Needs with DR Readiness

With cyberattack on the rise, use our DR tool to customize
your own DR runbook to engage management and prepare
them for ransomware attacks.

Now integrated with Microsoft Teams! Make your declaration directly on Teams and alerts your organization as soon as a disaster occurs.

How does Fast Failover stack up?

Fast Failover creates a framework to allow users to successfully define the disaster recovery process. Automating nearly all the steps needed to recover from a disaster, making recovery faster and enabling you to initiate the recovery yourself.

Traditional Recovery


  • We do the recovery for you.
  • Lengthy process for us to spin up servers, recover apps and data, and send you VPN links to access the new servers.
  • DR drill is difficult to coordinate and involve an extended period of time.
Fast Failover


  • Call or text your secret PIN to our 24-hour Fast Failover hotline.
  • Fast Failover automatically handles the rest.
  • Define your RAMs and Cores; shrink and grow your system to your requirement.

Putting recovery into the right hands

Usually DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) is reserved for Enterprise and large scale organization; we designed our fast failover with small and medium size business in mind. Regardless of size, the most appropriate person to declare a disaster is often the owner of a business, but some business owners lack the technical ability to initiate recoveries and ensure that everyone can access the recovered applications and data. Fast Failover is an automated process where all key stakeholders within the organization, including the IT consultant, MSPs (managed service provider), and insurance contacts will be notified upon the incident. This means that in case of a disaster, you are prepared. Add in semi-annual drills plus documentation of the plan, and you are ready to deal with any incidents in the most efficient way.

Check your recovery ahead of time

Core features

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