Backup and Recovery

Full-featured data backup and recovery

With Storage Guardian's Local Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) service, you can create a backup copy of one or more physical or virtual machines within your local environment. If the original machine goes down, simply turn on the virtual copy to remain in operation.

  • How it Works

    We provide robust protection capabilities for VMware virtual environments to ensure that your virtual machines are always available to you when you need them.

    Our Local VDR client configures and schedules a backup of the latest snapshot of individual VMs, or a conversion from a physical machine to a virtual machine. This feature allows you to create a local backup copy of your physical or virtual machines. If the original machine goes down, you can continue to operate by just turning on the virtual copy of the machine that had failed. This functionality helps organizations like yours to access their data and applications within minutes.

  • Quick Local Recoveries

    Local VDR allows you to recover faster from local machine failures by letting you spin up a copy of the virtual machine in your local environment. This way, you can continue business operations with little or no downtime.

  • Multiple Generations

    Storage Guardian's Local VDR service can be configured to maintain multiple generations of your data. This way, you can switch back to an earlier iteration of your data while doing a recovery.

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