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Storage Guardian Mobile Client is your mobile and notebook backup/restore solution. This version of our backup software, meant for laptops, accommodates users whose requirements are limited to fast and simple, single-PC backups and restores. Automatic backup scheduling is optimized for mobile workers, with missed backup operations resuming the next time the user goes online.

Enterprise laptop users or single-PC home office customers don’t usually have complicated network backup requirements. In these simple configurations, much of the rich functionality contained within our standard backup software is overkill. Small-scale customers and small-business users like you need more than typical off-the-shelf backup products can offer. We provide an affordable, professional solution with maximum flexibility for your laptop and mobile backups.

Storage Guardian's Mobile Client service lets you add an unlimited number of laptops and storage devices and then pay as you go. No up-front payment is required, and there is no per-seat charge.

The service offers all of the features of our enterprise backup technology, including agentless operation, easy deployment, advanced security, and intelligent data compression – but on a smaller scale that’s ideal for your desktop and laptop backup needs. And unlike most mass-market backup services which retain only the last 30 days of data, Storage Guardian offers the ability to retain deleted files in the backup set forever.

Additionally, automatic backup scheduling is optimized for laptops. Upon missing a scheduled laptop backup, the Mobile Client automatically initiates data backup the instant the user goes online.

With Storage Guardian's Mobile Client, several devices can be added to one mobile backup account. Best of all, the service is extremely cost effective compared with other similar services.

Key features of Storage Guardian's Mobile Client:

  • Fast mobile backup and recovery via intuitive wizards and user friendly options
  • Self-management, enabling any user to back up and recover their data at any time
  • Simple and jargon-free design for novice users
  • Affordable compared to similar solutions

Mobile devices

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