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With Storage Guardian's Outsider Protection service, you can create a secondary backup copy of your cloud backup in another location. If the cloud backup is compromised, simply restore from the outsider protection backup to remain in operation.

  • How it Works

    Outsider protection creates a rolling copy of your backup and stores it in another site. This feature allows you to isolate your primary Veeam repository to get off-line disc tape restores without impacting your primary repository.

    Outsider protection can be enabled on the Storage Guardian’s self-provisioning portal, once enabled, your backup will automatically be stored in a secondary location. When needed, the outsider backup file can be restored to your primary backup repository with a simple click.

  • Continuous backup and flexible restore points

    Outsider protection allows you to accurately define your start-date and your backup will be continuously stored just like disc-tape backup, but in the cloud. Upon needing to restore you can select any period within the start and end date to restore to your primary repository.

  • Low-cost

    Storage Guardian's outsider protection provides low-cost storage to store your data. Add the extra security and immutability in your business so you can operate under any condition.

    Whether your primary backup is on a public cloud or on low-cost storage, having a second copy of your data in another geographical location is critical.

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