Extended Protection for Dropbox

Extended Protection for Dropbox

If your organization uses Dropbox, you might think that there is no risk of your data ever being lost or compromised. However, there are important reasons to back up your Dropbox data directly to an alternate destination using Extended Protection for Dropbox, only from Storage Guardian.

Why Use Extended Protection for Dropbox?

  • Compliance

    Many industry regulations impose strict document retention requirements that go beyond what Dropbox can accommodate. For example, Storage Guardian can back up and store the file version history of changed files for more than 120 days, in order to comply with several industry policies.

  • Ransomware Protection

    Storage Guardian screens your Dropbox data for ransomware and malware during the backup process, and then stores your files in a secure vault that’s completely separate from Dropbox. This helps to ensure that any ransomware in your Dropbox account cannot affect the “air-gapped” backup copy of each file.

  • Data Residency

    If your business resides outside the US where Dropbox is based, you may need to store a copy of your data in your home country in order to meet data residency requirements. Storage Guardian has data centers in the US and Canada, and our network of managed service providers can store the data in other countries as well.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized
    Back up data directly from Dropbox using the same backup and recovery platform that you use to protect the rest of your company's data.
  • Compliant
    Meet regulatory requirements but storing deleted and changed files, even indefinitely if needed.
  • Secure
    NIST FIPS 140-2 validated; AES-256 bit encryption at rest and in flight; 2-factor authentication protection.
  • Flexible
    Advanced administration; configure backups and policies for hundreds of users at a time, or on a granular level.
Extended Protection for Dropbox

Protect Dropbox – along with all your other cloud-based data.

With Storage Guardian, you can create backup sets for data residing in several clouds, including Dropbox, Salesforce and Office 365. Then, you can define the frequency and granularity of each backup set individually.

Storage Guardian’s Extended Protection for Dropbox works with Dropbox Professional and Dropbox for Business.

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