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Introducing the Easiest Way to Validate your Recovery Plans

Is all your data recoverable? How long will it take to recover? How quickly can your employees regain access?

Storage Guardian's Fast Failover Planner will help you answer these questions – and more – before disaster strikes. With this revolutionary tool, you can map out your recovery plan onto an intuitive timeline, and then update the timeline during a recovery drill to show the time that each component of your plan is shown to take. Using this tool, you will be able to prioritize the machines that need to be recovered in a disaster, and gain a solid understanding of the times that it will take to solve them.

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Map out your
recovery plans... fast

Plan the order in which your applications and data are recovered into a cloud environment after a disaster. Drag and drop your recovery activities – including virtual machines, backup sets and other tasks (like installing software) onto a graphical timeline, directly in your browser.

Recovery Map

Run a drill, then validate

Find problems with your recovery plan before they occur! Validate your plan by running a live recovery drill into Storage Guardian's data center, or a cloud environment of your choice. Then adjust the timing and order of various elements of the plan to allow enough time for servers and backup sets to be deployed, configured, operational and accessible.

Recovery Drill

Save multiple plans

Store recovery plans for your various offices or customers, all in one place. If you're an MSP, you can keep recovery plans for each customer, and use them as a basis for regular recovery drills – adding value to your services.

Multiple Recovery Plans

Plan for free. Then run
drills at a low cost.

The Fast Failover Planner is free to use. If you then decide to use Storage Guardian to test and validate your recovery plan, you can run it in our data center at competitive prices.

Recovery Free

Run Drills at Low Cost

If you decide to run your recovery drills at Storage Guardian, the cost is low!

RAM (per GB) $18/month
Core (CPU) $18/month
Storage (per TB) $50/month
VPN connections for your staff FREE

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